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Country / Origin: TAIWAN REGION
Offering flexible, customised and affordable streaming solution, VAS Creative enables broadcasters and content providers to embark on a smooth transformation from traditional TV age to digital media era. With stable and secured streaming encoding technology, integrating comprehensive media preparation with auto content publish system, VAS Creative builds Carrier-grade end-to-end OTT platforms that delivers and exchanges video contents anywhere.



Carrier-grade End-to-end OTT Solution
Carrier-grade End-to-end OTT Solution
VAS Creative offers total OTT solution from source encoding, file processing, content encryption, to secured data delivery. It ensures smooth video streaming, protects content with DRM on-the-fly encrypt, and the entire system is built based international standards. VAS Creative customises the OTT system architecture to fit the client's need and develops proprietary solution to ease and reduce manpower and resource required through the process. Specialised in providing OTT end-to-end total solution for telco, broadcaster and content providers. Delivering reliable, secure, and quality video streaming services.